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Fart Jokes!
Our new book is sure to tickle your funny bone and make you fart out loud. Get ready to giggle yourself silly with hilarious queasy quips, putrid puns and reeking riddles. You will thank your bum for being so funny. Dawko (writer), Ditz (teacher/writer) and Cartoon Dave (illustrator) know that on average, kids laugh up to 300 times a day but adults only about 15 times. So we write books that are very funny, very silly and a little bit educational. It's what kids keep asking us to do! They just want to use their imaginations and laugh their heads off.

Why do we use our nicknames? In Australia almost everyone has a nickname. Kids give each other nicknames all the time and some of these names stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Dawko has always been Dawko. It's part of his surname and it describes him too. A dork has weird ideas and sometimes is silly. Ditz is blonde and everyone knows if you have blonde hair, you are a bit silly. Cartoon Dave likes to think he is sensible but have you seen his cartoons? His latest book, "Gross Cartooning" is silly too!

The measure of a good book is when it gets shared with another person. We all have different interests and it's a pleasure to be in a room and listening to kids share jokes from our book.

If you would like your book signed with a silly fart rhyme just send us an email after ordering online. Tell us the name of the person receiving the book and we'll write them a quick little farty rhyme! Kids love something made up just for them.
Where Is Your Bum From?
As a child, Dawko was a day-dreamer, so much so that his dad said "Dawko, you couldn't find your bum with BOTH hands!"

So if you're like that, too, you can click on this little button here and find out exactly where your bum is right now! And where some other people's bums are, too...

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What We're Working On Now
We're putting our three smelly and silly heads together to work on the adventures of a particularly smelly family. This could be a big one, folks! Likely to end up as a series all on its own.

Booko Website
There's a website called Booko ( booko.com.au ) where you can also see both our current books. It's amazing to see how many different places all over the world are stocking our book babies!

That's right, mega-normous book chain, Dymocks, is now stocking both Fart Jokes for Smelly Kids and The Bum Book in selected stores in both Brisbane and Sydney! Why not head in and see if you can see our bums sitting on their shelves!

For orders outside Australia please buy our books from Amazon. Thank you, Amazon, for supporting some dorky authors and a very dorky cartoonist from Australia.

No 1 in the Top 10
Over the Christmas period we were placed No 1 in the Top 10 books at ‘The Book Connection’ in Dubbo.
It was so exciting to see that Fart Jokes for Smelly Kids in that spot. We beat many huge authors like JK Rowling and Liane Moriarty.
Many thanks to the people of Dubbo for their love of stinky stuff!

Many Thanks
It is always gratifying to hear how many children are hooking into our books. We love the feedback! The emails and letters telling us that our books were the first book that a child has read cover to cover still make us smile (it never gets old). Toilet humour is something that permeates all ages from 6-106 and in almost all cultures. Australians certainly love their toilet humour that is why we write about it.

Made in Australia
We are proud to be Australian made. Our books are sturdy and well made, using top quality adhesive.
So that means the bum won’t fall out our books so they can be read over and over again. Great news for public and school libraries!

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