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Dawko is a man-child who, despite his immature behaviour, has managed to stay married for 18 years and counting. Mainly because when he rabbits on about bums, his wife just turns the other cheek! Dawko is also the father of two junior Dawkoes, the elder of whom is intellectually-impaired, and the younger of whom is just plain annoying! (He gets THAT from his mother. Honest!)

Ditz is a mother of four and a wife of one. In her super-secret crime-fighting identity, when she's not writing books about bums...she works with books, and has a bum. Okay, so that's not all that secret. Ditz's four daughters also have bums.

Cartoon Dave
Cartoon Dave is a husband, father of three sprogs and a new convert to coffee. But we only want him for his doodles. He's been cartooning professionally for nearly half his life, with his work appearing in books, newspapers and magazines, as well as on TV, billboards, t-shirts and, naturally, on the sides of garbage trucks.


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